acquisition finance

Acquisition Finance

There’s a reason why Dragon’s Den is consistently one of the most popular and most viewed programmes on television. 

With a bespoke funding package, your business can expand through purchasing another business or creating a startup.

Apart from the characters, everybody wants to see if the entrepreneurs can finance their dreams and work with one of the dragons.

Viewers with a business or finance background are watching with envy and seeing which of the Dragon’s are going to make a killing by acquiring a winning business or idea at an affordable and early stage.

There are many ways to business success, whether creating a startup and natural expansion but the most profitable and sensible way can be through a merger or acquisition of another business.

Deals and financing may be complex for a company that is looking to expand through purchasing another business but we can help provide a bespoke funding package to cover every aspect of the deal and help two become one quicker and easier than through traditional financial routes.

Contact us to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your plans in more detail and look into the structuring of the deal, where you need the most help and advice, what timescales you are working towards, whether you need any additional funding at future stages and any other advice our business and financial professional staff can happily impart.

The bespoke financial package can be made up of various portions of different ratios including a mix of secured bank loan, unsecured loans, utilising any local or national government funding available and deferred considerations based on certain conditions.

In business and in life, sometimes a once in a career opportunity comes along when you 100% ready for it. We can move swiftly and efficiently to help you make sure that your chance to secure the deal of a lifetime doesn’t get away and you can use your business acquisition to launch your company to even great successes than the ones that got you here.

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