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Commercial Loans For Businesses Of All Sizes

Commercial Loans

The right amount of money, at the right time, on the right terms, can make or break a business many times over. That’s why it’s important to find the most appropriate commercial loan to protect your business, or to support your ambitious business plans.

Our expert commercial finance brokers have secured millions of pounds in business loans for our clients over the years, for purposes ranging from working capital needs, to essential or speculative business expansion, including leasehold and goodwill purchases.

What is a commercial loan?

Commercial loans are a common and near essential requirement across the business landscape whether it’s for a new startup or a long established company with a great credit record. 

They are used in the same way a personal loan would be, except they are for commercial and business purposes. They are one of the most effective, and quicker ways to get commercial finance offered by a number of leading retail banks, and independent lenders.

What’s the difference between a commercial loan and a business loan?

Essentially a commercial loan and a business loan is the same thing. Both terms are used across the finance industry but they refer to the same product. There are numerous different types of loans for businesses, as highlighted above, so it is important to understand how each option works and how they could potentially help you and your business grow or survive.

Types of Commercial Loans

Whether it's a small unsecured loan or a larger, more complex secured loan, companies can benefit from a range of business loans for a variety of purposes.

Commercial Bridge Loans

A commercial bridge loan is what it’s name suggests. It is a short term loan that is used to secure funds quickly against the commercial property bridging the gap between other methods of financing to purchase swiftly. 

For example, if you were purchasing a commercial property at auction and needed to close the sale within four weeks, you would likely use this quick method of finance to secure funds quickly.

Secured Business Loan

A secured loan is also known as an asset-backed lending. This is because you can gain funds by using an asset owned by the business as a form of security. 

A commercial asset could be the building, furniture, company vehicles or any equipment. In the event of the business being unable to make any loan payments they could use the assets to recover the funds.

Unsecured Business Loan

In opposition to the above, an unsecured loan is used to gain funds without a business’ assets being used as security. Perhaps you're a startup and don’t have any business assets yet. Or simply don’t want to use assets as a form of security.

No problem, you can still benefit from a business loan with flexible options and a quick way to get the capital you need.

Not sure what you need? Speak to us today and we will work out the most affordable, hassle-free solution for you to meet your business needs and not leave you with financial headaches down the line.

Start Up Business Loans

Need financial help to kickstart your business venture? A business start up loan could provide you with the funds you need to get your business off to a flying start.

How do commercial loans work?

In general they work in the same way as any other loan. You agree to the amount of funds you require to borrow, along with the payment terms, interest rate and repayment period. 

Traditionally, financial routes can supply commercial loans but we have the experience, knowledge, contacts and capability to meet your requirements.

We can discuss the common features of all available business loans including flexible terms with no early repayment penalties, fixed or variable rates of interest and repayment terms with short and longer terms available, depending on the various aspects of the package.

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