Commercial Finance Brokers: Why Choose Hilton Smythe Finance?

What does a finance broker do?

A finance broker helps you to find the best loans and rates to help you fund the purchase of your dream business. They act as a researcher and a matchmaker to source and pair you with the best financial solution for your needs. 

Finding a loan for you 

If you decide to borrow money to fund the purchase of your business, what do you do next? It’s likely you’ll go to a bank, probably the one you have your current accounts with. It’s convenient and quick, we get it. They’ll hopefully give you a loan, job done. But by doing this, have you got the loan which is the best for you? Have you explored different options? 

It’s unlikely that by doing this you’ve found the best deal for you. If you asked a finance broker to find you a loan, they would use their contacts to find multiple loans which suit your business needs. They will then use their knowledge and expertise of all things business to choose the best loan for you. 


Almost sounds too good to be true, right? Someone else finding you the best loan, saving you loads of money in the long run? Obviously it comes at a cost. Sourcing your own loan won’t cost you much financially, only time. However as we said, you won’t be getting the best deal. There is merit in the saying “spend money to save money.” By paying someone to do the work for you, you’ll be saving money in the long run by getting a better loan. What’s more is we have no up-front or administration fee charges, making it cheaper in the beginning. By paying someone else to do the work for you, you’re also saving on time. After all, time is money. 


In a recent market research project, we chatted to lots of our buyers to find out their opinions on finance with us. They said a huge advantage of choosing us to find their perfect loan was convenience. Think of it as a one stop shop. Life is complicated already without having to balance different lenders and agencies. Why not get one company to satisfy all your business needs in one place? We can find you your dream business, help you find the best way to purchase it and then give you advice on how to improve it and make it your own. Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Why should you trust us with possibly the most important decision of your life? We understand you might feel more comfortable going to your current bank and asking them for a loan. You know them, you understand how they work. You feel like they know you enough to give you what you need. However, you’ve already trusted us to help with finding your perfect business. We understand trust takes time to build, so let’s build it together. If this means saving some money, surely it’s worth a try?

A Personal Relationship 

This brings me on to my final point. A lot of our customers said they wanted to borrow money from someone who they trusted; a reputable name. We will find you a loan from someone with a reputable name, so you can trust that your money is coming from the right place. However, a lot of people we spoke to said they resented how banks are all online nowadays. To apply for a loan, you don’t pop into a bank and ask for one. You go online, you tick boxes and you wait. You wait for an email telling you it’s been approved or denied. It might seem convenient, but it’s not personal. Our customers said they prefer the human interaction, the discussion with a real, trusted individual about all the available options. At Hilton Smythe, we can offer that service. You will have a dedicated manager who knows you and your business. They will take the time to communicate and help you through this big decision.

Why choose Hilton Smythe Finance?

Here at Hilton Smythe Finance, we can provide human interaction and relationship. We have an expert and knowledgeable team with many years of experience who can help you find the loan for you. They will provide an independent, stress free solution for your business. All with a real person at the forefront, keeping you informed and helping you along the way. If you’re interested in our help with financing your business, give us a call on 01204 556 304.