Hilton Smythe prescribes another Business Doctor

As a company, our whole ethos is to help sustain UK business and help businesses grow, so it’s no surprise that we are delighted to help the Business Doctors franchise develop. We have secured a start-up Business Loan for a former accountant, Emily Coy, who has taken the big step forward to help other business owners with this nationally recognised franchise.

Chesterfield's new Business Doctor, Emily Coy.

Figures add up for former accountant Emily Coy

Our client, Emily Coy, is opening the Business Doctors franchise in the Chesterfield area to help coach other businesses with strategies on finance, marketing and business support.

With 15 years of skills and knowledge as an accountant, working most recently at Mitchells Chartered Accountants in Chesterfield, with her own portfolio of SME clients, Emily Coy came to us to help finance the franchise for Business Doctors in Chesterfield. Emily will cover her local territory whilst also having access to the nationwide Business Doctors’ network.

In order to finance the franchise, Emily needed to raise maximum funding as a loan, using residential property as a makeweight. Now Emily can use her 15 years’ experience in accounting and helping businesses in financial problem-solving for the nationally recognised Business Doctors brand.

Emily Coy said “The loan, arranged by Alex Heylings, commercial finance broker at Hilton Smythe Finance, was an absolute necessity to help me establish my franchise.

“This is a massive, life changing move for me, as I will be swapping accountancy for working from home and reaching out to local business owners.

“In the early days I will have to work hard to attract clients, but I expect to be very busy, very quickly, providing support and advice on sales, marketing, staffing and financial strategies.”

“It has been very re-assuring to have somebody so professional and knowledgeable to be at my side through this life changing process.”

Emily Coy

Alex Heylings, Commercial Finance Broker for Hilton Smythe Finance, said: “It’s fantastic to see Emily begin her journey to support others in their business ventures and I’m sure her diverse offer will deliver a high-quality service for the people of Chesterfield."

We’re looking forward to seeing the success stories Emily creates with her business coaching and wish her all the best with such an established brand that she is going to add a lot of value to. 

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About Business Doctors

The Business Doctors company provide regional business coaches around the UK. They provide bespoke business planning with strategies and plans covering finance, marketing to growing turnover. They have more of a hands-on and collaborative approach to achieve profit growth for businesses, listening to SMEs and their visions, taking into account location and competition to provide useful insights and expertise with well-trained business experts who can understand a company’s market position.

They can provide a health check for companies covering any gaps that need more insight and strategic business planning to reach individual company goals. Other ways they help is by researching and development in tax credits, providing a value builder for businesses, organising business seminars, workshops and regular events on topics useful to business owners and providing opportunities for networking.

Why being a business coach is a smart move

According to a 2018 Business Pulse Survey, 83.6% of entrepreneurs have seen a positive impact on their business from business coaching and according to Heather Hansen O’Neill, President of Find Your Fire and author of bestselling books Teams on Fire! And Find Your Fire, business coaching can help entrepreneurs break through barriers that are holding them back and focus more on achieving goals. “In addition, many business owners now have tremendous interest in investing in coaching for their leadership teams to improve the performance of everyone at their companies resulting in greater synergistic success.”

John Bowen, co-founder of BSW Inner Circle says, “Based on our survey of 759 entrepreneurs, almost one out of six of them are turning to business coaches to become more professionally capable.” So, the demand for business coaching is extensive and growing very quickly. This leads to opportunities for business coaches to charge respectfully more for their expertise and because of the increase in demand for business coaches, more business professionals are turning to coaching to capitalise on their wealth of knowledge and expertise to help other businesses and network.

Why do accomplished entrepreneurs turn to business coaches?

It is becoming more popular for entrepreneurs and business owners to seek a business coach for a number of reasons. A common reason being that the insights and outside source of someone involved in business strategy is something highly valuable in ROI for business owners with a coach assisting on financial goals.

It’s a matter of connecting the dots for entrepreneurs by explaining processes and methodologies a business coach uses and how these approaches can produce results.

One major asset to a business coach that most business owners value is an objective outsider analysis and input. Business coaches are there to give you honest and clear approaches and to tell you what you are doing right and wrong, even if hearing what you’re doing wrong is difficult. Successful business owners have to constantly analyse what they are doing, be open to change and adapt; being ahead by being strategic is why many are turning to business coaches as so many are seeing turnovers increase.

When hiring a business coach, a company gets total dedication and time from them in order to help steer the company from any stagnation to where it wants to be. The opportunity for effective and intelligent brainstorming arises from the coaching process as efficient collaboration occurs. Having a coach, involving other people and a planning partner allows for more accountability and motivation as it is easier to break our own promises than what we make to others. Having someone there to challenge and strategise in order to develop goals and achieve them is invaluable.

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