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Get The Finance You Need For A Management Buyout

Management Buyout Financing

When it’s time to sell your business there are many options available but the most romantic and sentimental one can often make the best business sense too. 

Management buyout financing allows experienced people working in a company to buy out the existing management.

What is a management buyout?

A management buyout (MBO) is when the existing management team of a company combines resources or raises funds to acquire a controlling interest or all of the company they manage. Usually the team takes full control and ownership of the business and uses their expertise and enhanced motivation to grow the company and take it forward..

There are many advantages to a management buyout over other forms of ownership transfer. A well executed MBO allows for a smooth transition of ownership, the new owners know the company; and literally are the company in some cases. 

There’s greater trust and less risk of failure and misunderstandings on both sides, there will be a minimum of disruption to employees, and existing clients and suppliers can be reassured that it will be business as usual.

Of course some internal changes and transfer of responsibilities will occur and have to remain confidential and due diligence has to be completed but this will be handled quickly by two motivated sides.

How to finance your management buyout

There is a specific type of finance available for experienced MBO members. While it is more common in larger corporations, MBO’s can occur in small businesses too. Lenders in these circumstances tend to focus less on security and more on available cash flow for debt servicing or CFADS.

There are also other methods available including management contributions or private equity but we can discuss all available options with you.  If you have always dreamed of running the business your way then we can help you make that step from employee to owner.

A variety of options include; invoice finance, secured property loans, asset finance, unsecured business loans and cash flow facilities. You may also require, and be best supported, with a combination of these products to meet your specific needs.

How does financing a management buyout work?

There’s no one-way route for financing a management buyout, the amount and type of finance will be based on the circumstances, whether that’s using existing business assets or personal assets. 

It is advisable to seek help and advice from finance experts like ourselves to discuss your needs and what options are available. 

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